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Terry Beard  Contemporary Artist

My work is informed and inspired by elements within the natural and built environment, particularly the landscape which surrounds my studio. This is a varied landscape, with areas of flat farmland, punctuated with woodland and connected by ditches and drains. I live close to an area of preserved fenland which offers endless possibilities for visual interpretation. My work explores ways of conveying a sense of depth and form using abstract marks and gestures such as blocks of colour and lines. During the making process intuitive decisions are made and serendipitous 'accidents' are embraced.

In my current practice, I primarily use screen printing as a means of building up compositions. I use a small squeegee, in the way you might use a brush, and pull layers of colour through a screen with no stencil, or occasionally some ripped or cut newsprint as a rough temporary stencil. I have developed this way of working over several years ; I like the quality of the marks I can achieve this way. 

I build up layers of transparent colour directly onto canvas and I also print onto newsprint to build up a collection of papers that I can then use to collage onto the printed canvas. 

I have exhibited my work widely and have pieces in numerous private and corporate collections. My work is available through several galleries in the UK, and I have also shown work in the USA and Venice.

I am available for commissions, please contact me for further information. 




West Surrey College of Art and Design 

City of Birmingham Polytechnic




London Invitational Award Finalist

Cass Art Award, London





'Depth of Vison', Babylon Gallery, Ely, Cambridgeshire

Maker's Gallery, Cambridge

Group (Selected Shows)




'King's Connections', King's College, Cambridge

Pyramid Gallery, York

'Form and Surface', Espacio Gallery, London

2016           ' Visual Connections', Clare Hall, Cambridge

2017         'Seeing Red', Espacio Gallery, London

2018         'Visual Connections', Pyramid Gallery, York

                      'Pots and Paintings', Old Fire Engine House, Ely

2019         'Lightplay', Babylon Gallery, Ely. Cambs

                      'Anima Mundi', Venice, Italy 

2021             'Fluxus', Milan, Italy

                       'Dialogue Among the Antitheses, Rome, Italy

                       '4Art's Sake', Salthouse, Norfolk

                       'Changing Horizons', Babylon Gallery, Ely, Cambs

                       'Facets of the Fens', Norris Museum, St Ives 

2022             'Insights', Old Fire Engine House, Ely

                       Summer Show, Babylon Gallery, Ely

                       QAF   Finalists , King's Road, London

                       'Art in Mind', Brick Lane Gallery, London

2023             'Spring Forward', AKA Fine Art, Cambridge

                        'Pathways' Stamford Contemporary Arts

                        'Of The Fens', Old Fire Engine House, Ely

                        Discerning Eye, London

                        'Galeria Moderna', Cambridge

                        'Whispers of Warmth' AKA Fine Art, Cambridge  


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